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Qashqai fine wool rug in boteh 165 x 130 cm

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Qashqai fine wool rug in boteh 165 x 130 cm


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Qashqai fine wool rug in boteh 165 x 130 cm

A rare opportunity to own a magnificent and collectible  Persian handmade tribal Qashqai rug circa 1960 measuring 165 x 130 cm ( 5.4 x 4.3 ft ). An allover Boteh mother and child design each decorated with variety of colours in the pale white background field surrounded with similar interlinked Boteh along the border in the dark blue and black colours. This rug has got one of the finest weaves with the high density and knots normally seen in silk or fine city rugs! The weight of the rug is not more than 3kg again indicative of craftsmanship at its best! Although I am certain it is a tribal Qashqai rug, however the design and fine wool incline me to think about Isfahan rugs as well! It is really rare to see signature at the end of the tribal rugs as they normally have dates woven somewhere in the rug but perhaps this was made as a special order. The cloth loop stitched along the one end proves that rug had been used as wall hanging decor all its life and rightly so as these types are great decorative pieces in which they need to be looked after. That is why it has remained in excellent condition with lively colour palettes having both end long fringes well preserved and kept as almost new.

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