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When I was a little boy I used to torment my father by hiding behind the stacks of rugs in his big warehouse. In my naivety, I regarded it as an ideal place to have fun and I couldn’t care less about those wonderful Persian rugs! Coming from the third generation of a carpet family I was always surrounded by beautiful carpets. I remember we had an extra-large Tabriz carpet in our dining room and a pair of cream-coloured Persian Kashan-Boteh-design rugs in the adjacent sitting room. If you walked into the small cosy corner room we used to call Shah Neshin (Farsi for “king’s place”) you would see a splendid handmade silk Isfahan rug. This was a room we needed permission to enter, as it was furnished purely for my father and his male friends. Here he would entertain his friends with a game of backgammon and a glass of vintage whiskey. We were told tha

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